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Contact Information

Browns Mills Station 1
15 Trenton Road
Browns Mills, New Jersey 08015

Country Lakes Station 3 
103 Firehouse Road
Browns Mills, New Jersey 08015
(Facsimile) 609.893.1491

Good Will Fire Co. No. 1 (Station 191)
Chief Chad Bozoski and President Joe Haines
200 Hanover Street
Pemberton, New Jersey 08068
Email:  info@goodwillfire.com


Pemberton Township Volunteer Fire Company

Administrative Staff

Jesus Evangelista, President

Jennifer Jakob, Vice President

Dorothy Wilde, Secretary

Susan Lucas, Treasurer


Craig Augustoni
Dominico Hodnett
Linda Shepard
Alan South

Operational Staff

Colin Leaper, Captain (Station 1)

Nicholas Petrillo, Captain (Station 3)

Brian Warrick, EMS Captain

Jennifer Jakob, EMS Lieutenant

Lt. Samuel Hodnett (Station 3)

Lt. Brian Kitson (Station 3)

The Pemberton Township Fire Department is a volunteer fire company is comprised of the following Stations:  

181-Browns Mills Fire Station
183-Country Lakes Station.

The West End section of Pemberton Township is covered by Good Will Fire Company under contract.

For information concerning the Volunteer Tuition Credit Program click here. Members of volunteer fire companies, first aid or rescue squad organizations and their spouses and dependent children can receive up to $2,400 over a four-year period for tuition credit while attending a county college or county vocational school.  

Click here for the Firefighter Application

Please email completed applications to the Assistant Fire Chief


Pemberton Township Volunteer Fire Department
Pemberton Twp. Vol. Fire Department

Pemberton Township Volunteer Fire Department

Administrative Staff
Fire Director:  Dennis Gonzalez

Command Staff 
Fire Chief:  Craig Augustoni 
Assistant Fire Chief:  Matt Jakob
Deputy Fire Chief:  Dave Force
Battalion Chief:  Alan South

Contact Information:

Department Chaplain:  Jeffrey Frake

Chief Craig Augustoni

Deputy Fire Chief Dave Force
Email: deputyfirechief2@pemberton-twp.com

Winter Weather Preparedness: Safety at Home

Winterize Your Home

  • Have a professional inspect your heating system annually.
  • Clean your fireplace or stove and have your flue checked for any buildup of creosote. Be sure other fuel burning equipment is properly vented to the outside.
  • Insulate your home properly. If necessary, insulate walls and attics to conserve energy.
  • Caulk doors and windows to keep cold air out.
  • Install storm windows, or cover windows with plastic from the inside to provide an extra layer of insulation.
  • Protect pipes from freezing:
    • Wrap pipes in insulation or layers of old newspapers. Cover the newspapers with plastic to keep out moisture.
    • Turn both hot and cold faucets to continuously drip a little.
    • Keep a wrench near the valves and know how to shut off your water valves if a pipe bursts.
    • For more information: "Preventing and Thawing Frozen Pipes" from the American Red Cross
  • Inspect and flush your water heater.
  • Clean gutters. Leaves and other debris will hamper drainage.
  • Cut away tree branches that can fall on the house during an ice storm or from heavy snow.  Notify the utility company of branches that overhang power lines; do not attempt to trim by yourself.
  • Replace batteries for smoke, and carbon monoxide detectors. If you did not do this when you set the clocks back, do it now.
  • Have a back-up power source in place if you are dependent upon electricity for medical or mobility needs.
  • Know where your snow shovel is located and have a supply of sand and sand or a substitute.
  • Prepare a warm, safe place for your animals in severe winter weather. Make sure any outbuilding that houses or shelters animals can withstand wind, heavy snow and ice.
    • Bring pets indoors. Horses and livestock should have a shelter protected from wind, snow, ice and rain. Grazing animals need access to a protected supply of food and non-frozen water.
    • Make sure your animals have access to high ground in case you do not have time to relocate them during a flood.
  • Be aware of the potential for flooding when snow and ice melt.
  • Consider purchasing flood insurance. Homeowners' policies do not cover damage from floods. Ask your insurance agent about the National Flood Insurance Program if you are at risk.

If Power Goes Out

Visit this web page for information about what to do During a Blackout.

NJ OEM Before a Blackout Happens web page also provides information about making a backup power plan if you depend on electricity for medical or mobility needs.

You can find additional information about making a backup plan at:http://www.adapacific.org/docs/power_planning_5_13.pdf.

Follow these additional tips:

  • Dress in warm, light layers and wear a cap for warmth.
  • Close off unused rooms.
  • Eat well-balanced meals for energy.
  • Use only safe sources of alternate heat such as a fireplace, a small well-vented wood or coal stove, or portable space heaters. Always follow manufacturers' instructions and never substitute one type of fuel for another.

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