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Tax Assessor
Deadline for filing 2012 Homestead Benefit applications has been extended to January 31, 2014.  

Tax Assessor:  Maureen Francis, CTA

Office of the Tax Assessor
500 Pemberton-Browns Mills Road
Pemberton, New Jersey 08068

Phone:  609.894.3362
Facsimile:  609.894.0539
The Assessor schedules office hours on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday. An appointment is necessary because often the Assessor is out of the office performing inspections. However, office staff are available between 8:00am and 4:30pm to answer routine property tax questions.

The Assessor is responsible for identifying all property in the Township, and assigning an assessed or taxable value. The Assessor's Office also administers the farmland assessment program and processes all ownership changes, deed transactions, and deductions/exemptions (e.g., senior citizens, disabled persons and veterans).


As with most other costs, inflation also causes local government, county government, and school costs to rise.

The tax rate on your bill is determined by the County Board of Taxation based on budgets submitted by the municipality, county and schools, and the total assessed value of the municipality.

With changes in budgets, tax rates, and assessments all affecting the tax you pay, the key to your real estate tax is the bottom line of any budget: "Amount to be raised by Taxation."

Presently, state school aid, part of which comes from the State income tax, is based on equalized valuation of assessments.

The State Constitution requires all properties be assessed at "fair market value."  Therefore, it is essential to maintain assessments, keep up with market prices and cope with inflation. At times, market conditions warrant Revaluation or Reassessment programs to maintain "fair market value."

Township of Pemberton
500 Pemberton-Browns Mills Road
Pemberton, New Jersey 08068-1539
Phone: 609.894.8201
Fax: 609.894.2703

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