Employment FAQs

How do I obtain an employment application?

There are many ways to obtain an employment application. 

(1) From this website. 
(2) Send us a written request.  We will be happy to mail you an employment application if you include a self-addressed, stamped envelope. 
(3) Email us at hr@pemberton-twp.com
(4) You may visit us at the Municipal Building and request an employment application at the front office.

When may I submit an employment application?

We only accept employment applications when we are actively seeking candidates to fill an open position.

Where do I send my employment application?

For entry level positions, send your employment application to: Administration, Personnel Office, 500 Pemberton-Browns Mills Rd., Pemberton, NJ 08068.  For competitive titles you may have to send additional forms directly to the New Jersey Civil Service Commission.

May I submit my resume instead of the employment application?

No.  You must submit a fully completed and signed employment application.  However, you may attach a copy of your resume to the application.

What do you mean when you state that Pemberton Township is a civil service jurisdiction?

The New Jersey Department of Personnel (NJDOP) overses the hiring, promotion, and separation of most municipal employees in towns which have opted in to the civil service.  Pemberton Township is one of those towns.  This means that many jobs and promotions require competitive testing that is conducted by NJDOP.  In addition, major disciplinary procedures are established by civil service regulation.

Can I apply for a job with Pemberton Township even though I am not a Pemberton Township resident?

Pemberton Township has a residency requirement.  This means that only residents of Pemberton Township will be considered to be hired for most entry level and competitive civil service job titles.  You must be able to verify residence in Pemberton Township as of the closing date of the job announcement.

Do I have to be citizen to apply for a job with Pemberton Township?

No.  We accept applications from non-citizens who have been admitted permanent residence in the United States and who possess a "green card."  However, you must meet the local residency requirement and all other requirements contained in the job announcement.  Exception:  You must be a U.S. citizen to apply for public safety positions such as a police officer.

Will have to take a test in order to be eligible for an entry level position?

Generally, the answer is "no."  Certain positions, such as Laborer or Clerk, are not subject to testing administered by the New Jersey Department of Personnel.  However, clerical positions may require successful completion of a typing test that is administered internally by Pemberton Township personnel staff.  Also, certain positions require that you possess a valid New Jersey driver's license.

Will I have to undergo a background check before I am hired?

If you are hired by Pemberton Township you will receive a conditional offer of employment.  At a minimum, we will conduct a criminal background check and we will contact your references and past employers.  You will also undergo a drug and alcohol screening.  Some positions require a physical examination and/or psychological examination.  Lastly, if the position requires operation of a motor vehicle or heavy equipment, we will also obtain your motor vehicle history record.

How does my veteran status affect me?

To obtain Veteran's Preference on civil service examinations, you must apply to the New Jersey Department of Military and Veterans Affairs.  To determine whether your military service qualifies you for Veterans Preference under civil service regulations, we have provided a link from our website (Human Resources homepage) to teh Department of Military and Veterans Affairs status web page.

How do I apply for a position in the competitive service?

Many local government job titles are competitive in nature and will require that you afre first test or otherwise evaluated by the New Jersey Department of Personnel (NJDOP).  After you pass your exam, your name goes on an eligible list ranked by score.  When we notify NJDOP that we want to fill a job opening, NJDOP sends u the names that are ranked highest on the eligible list for the job title we want to use.  This is called a certification list. When your name appears on the certification list, NJDOP will send you a Notification of Certification.  You must contact Pemberton Township in writing within 5 business days to express your interest.  If you do not respond, your name may be removed from the eligible list.  If a Disabled Veteran or Veteran is the first name on the certification, we must hire that candidate unless there is a very good reason not to.  If there are no disabled veterans or veterans on the certification, we can normally choose from among the top 3 candidates for each position.  This is known as the "Rule of 3."

I submitted an employment application to Pemberton Township for an entry level position several weeks ago.  Should I call you in orer to find out the status of my application?

No.  We often receive dozens of employment applications for entry level positions.  If we believe that you are qualified for the position and we want to interview you, WE WILL CALL YOU.

Can an elected person get a me a job with Pemberton Township?

Hiring decisions are made by Administration, which is the executive branch of local government in Pemberton Township.  The Township Council is not involved in the hiring process or most other personnel decisions.  Pemberton Township has implemented a hiring process that seeks to recruit eligible persons from a diverse pool of residents.  Political considerations are inappropriate.