Animal Control


Animal Control

ACO:  NJ Animal Control, LLC
Phone:  609.723.8300 (Non-Emergency Number)
Fax:  609.894.0302

Although Animal Control Officers (ACOs) are not members of the department, they are supervised by the Patrol Division commander.  ACOs respond to reports of domestic animal, animals running at large and other domestic animal related problems.  Anyone needing the service of the Animal Control officer should contact dispatch at 609.723.8300. 

Animal Control advises that cats are to be kept indoors and make sure your pets are up-to-date on shots.  Puppies and kittens over twelve weeks of age can be vaccinated for rabies so they can have protection if they do go out in the yard.  Animal Control also reminds residents that no animals are allowed to roam at large, this includes CATS.  They also advise to spay or neuter your pet to help with the over-population of pets.  Spay or neuter also helps the urge to roam that animals get.  For low cost spay or neutering information, call 856.663.1836.  As a reminder, dog licenses are due by January 31st each year.    Burlington County Animal Shelter Rabies clinic dates can be found here.

Animal Control is not responsible for deceased deer.  If you see a deceased deer on the side of the road, please call 609.894.8201 to report.  If you see a deceased deer on a County Road, please call 609.588.6213 to report.