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Sewer Division Website:

Sewer Division
500 Pemberton-Browns Mills Road
Pemberton, NJ 08068

Phone:  609.894.3373 (see above)
Facsimile:  609.894.2703

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Rules & Regulations

Sanitary Sewer Overflow
If you believe you have a blockage in the lateral between your house and the main, please call the Sewer Plant at (609) 894-4343. As a courtesy we will come out to see if we can clear it.  If we are unable to, and if the main is clear and flowing, you may need to have a plumber come out. Customers that have fixtures below grade due to a basement, a split-level home or low home elevation, please read the following information to avoid any potential issues:

*The Township is not responsible for sewage back-ups in your house. If any part of your home is below the elevation of our sewer main and you have a fixture(s) (e.g., toilet, washing machine, sink, etc.) installed in this area, the Sewer Division recommends/suggests that you have a back pressure valve installed on your sewer pipe, or on the individual fixture(s) located in that area.*

***If you are experiencing a water or sewer emergency after hours, please call 609-723-8300.
Note: Business Hours = Monday - Friday 7:00am to 3:30pm.


How am I Billed?
Sewer Bills are a flat rate of $90.00 per quarter.

Bills will be sent out at the beginning of each year and due on the first day of each quarter.

Quarters cover as follows:
January 1 – March 31

April 1 – June 30
July 1 – September 30
October 1 – December 31

Am I responsible for my bill if my house is vacant?
Yes. Due to sewage being a sanitation issue, the only way to not be billed is to have a plumber cap off the lateral and inspected by the Sewer Division.

How much does it cost to connect to Township Sewer?
If sewer is available in front of the house, the connection fee is $3,248.00.  If sewer is nearby and an extension is possible the homeowner is responsible for those costs.