Senior Newsletter

Senior of the Month for August 2021
                 John Modungno
John Modugno Senior of the Month Aug. 2021

John was born in South Philadelphia in 1949. As a child, John’s family moved every two years because his parents were in the military. As a teenager John lived in Palmyra, NJ where he attended and graduated from Palmyra High School. After High School, John worked for the County for four years as a draftsman in the Engineering Department. After that, he joined the US Coast Guard Auxiliary and retired in 2001 as Lt. Commander.

John then cared for his good friend and Reverend John Milligan for over 6 years after his wife passed. Two people who are very nice are Lynn and her sister Yonne, who were related to John and his wife Sue. The Reverend’s adopted daughter who is now 19 and in college is John’s heir.

John moved to Browns Mills in December 2019. John lives at Pinefields Apartments and likes to walk around the complex. He says as a teenager he used to race sailboats and climb the masts of tall ships because it was quiet up there.

John enjoys coming to the Senior Center because he can use the computer and work on checking lists of World War II Convoys in the Pacific. He says it will keep him from getting old!

Come to the Senior Center and meet John today!