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Tax Collector's Office

Shayla SteeleTax Collector
Office of the Tax Collector
500 Pemberton-Browns Mills Rd.
Pemberton, NJ 08068
Phone:  609.894.3365
Facsimile:  609.894.2703

The Tax Collector is charged with the responsibility for receiving and collecting all property taxes and assessments both current and delinquent. As a statutory officer of the State of New Jersey, the Tax Collector is obligated to follow all State Statutes regarding property tax collection, including billing, due dates, interest on delinquent tax payments and tax sale procedures.  It is important to note that the municipal taxes are only a portion of a property taxpayer’s obligation. The two other separate government entities, Burlington County and the Pemberton Township Board of Education, develop and adopt their own budgets funded by property taxes.


Third quarter tax bills will be mailed by August 7th, Due to the late release of the tax rate, the last day to pay 3rd quarter without interest has been extended to 9-5-23.

(If your property is scheduled for ACH, the direct debit routine will be run on 8-24-23.)

New Jersey Property Taxpayer Bill of Rights

Tax Sale List 2024

2022 Tax Duplicate

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  1. Tax Sale

The Township of Pemberton holds an annual Tax Sale for prior calendar year delinquent municipal charges that include; Taxes, Solid Waste, Water and Sewer charges.

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