Vital Statistics

Registrar of Vital Statistics:  Amy P. Cosnoski, RMC, CMR
Deputy Registrar:
Sunshine Dashiell, RMC, CMR

Municipal Building
500 Pemberton-Browns Mills Rd.
Pemberton, New Jersey 08068

Phone:  609.894.3314
Facsimile:  609.894.2703

All matters involving Vital Statistics will be handled during the above mentioned hours only. Please contact the office to schedule an appointment to complete your application. Applications are done by appointment ONLY! Prior to coming in, you can complete ONLY the first 2 pages of the application. We will complete the rest with you when you come into the office, in front of your witness! 

The Registrar of Vital Statistics provides a legal record of all births, deaths, or marriages which occur within Pemberton Township.  To apply for a copy of a legal record of such an event, you may either apply at the Municipal Building or download and print the Vital Statistics Request Form and mail the completed form to:  Registrar of Vital Statistics, 500 Pemberton-Browns Mills Rd., Pemberton, NJ 08068. 

  • Certified record $15.00
  • Each additional certified record ordered at the same time $7.50
  • Burial Permit $15.00
  • Marriage Application $28.00
Marriage and Civil Union Application Procedures
Marriage Licenses are available to qualifying couples of all gender compositions.

The Marriage or Civil Union license is issued by the licensing officer in the municipality in which either party resides and is valid in any municipality in the State of New Jersey or, if neither party is a resident of the State, in the municipality in which the proposed Marriage or Civil Union is to be performed, in which case, the license is valid only in that municipality.


The Registrar of Vital Statistics strongly recommends that you complete the application for the license approximately two weeks prior to the Marriage/Civil Union ceremony date.  The office is open from 8:30 AM - 4:00 PM, Monday - Friday (excluding holidays). Please contact us for an appointment.


  • Proof of identity by presenting your Driver's License, Passport or other valid State/Federal ID with a photo
  • Proof of residency, current address on Drivers License is sufficient
  • Your social security number
  • A witness, 18 years of age or older with a valid government issued ID (Cannot be your officiant)
**Social Security number is required by law for US citizens and will be kept confidential.

**Any documents in a foreign language must be accompanied by a certified English translation


  • Parents' names at birth and place of birth
  • If you are widowed, divorced, have had a previous civil union dissolved, domestic partnership terminated, or have had a civil union annulled, please provide date and location (i.e. County & State) where the event occurred

  • The name, address, and telephone number of the person performing the Marriage/Civil Union ceremony
  • The name of the municipality in which the Marriage/Civil Union will take place
  • The date the Marriage/Civil Union will take place

There is a 72 hour waiting period from the time the application is signed until the Marriage/Civil Union License can be issued.
  • A fee of $28.00 is required.
For further information contact the Registrar of Vital Statistics, Amy Cosnoski, at 609.894.3314